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About Aine

I first learned about chiropractic when I was in junior college. The philosophy attracted me. To heal without drugs or surgery made sense to me but, I took the long way around to be a chiropractor.

My initial goal was to be a social worker, so, my undergraduate degree is in Social Work. I worked briefly in this field then got offered a position in Campus Ministry.  I decided I needed more education in that area so I pursued a Masters in Ministry.  While working with teenagers I hurt my back and was prescribed these huge pills which did nothing for my pain but completely wiped me out for several days. It was then that I remembered my interest in chiropractic and started checking into studying that.  At the time I didn’t know much about chiropractic—I thought it was a six month education process and I could study it while I continued working full time!  WAS I EVER WRONG!  With all my formal education I still needed to go back and complete a course in basic chemistry, physics, biology and anatomy before I could be accepted into chiropractic school.  It was a four year course that went year round!  And after trying to continue working in my full time job, I realized after the first quarter that wasn’t going to work.  So, I completed my chiropractic training while working in a health food store—great training!

After chiropractic college I went on to study neurology and attained a Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology.  During that course of study it became clear to me that whatever was done to the center of the body (especially the spine) summates (stimulates strongly a portion of the brain) Therefore a gentle technique that works with the body’s nervous system is most useful.  Over stimulating the nervous system can be harmful—especially when it’s most vulnerable (i.e. when it’s in pain, has numbness or tingling, or other neurological symptoms).  Therefore gentle is better!

So, in my search for healing I stumbled upon DNFT.  I was working in another chiropractors office and she originally said that if I was going to work in her office she’d like me to know her technique.  So I went to a seminar and when she went on vacation I saw a couple of her patients. They got incredible results, even with my “baby DNFT”, compared to my patients with whom I used a more traditional technique. After that, I completely changed and now use DNFT exclusively and have continued to get great results for patients.  I am so honored to be a part of the healing process using DNFT.


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Over the course of the past three plus years, Dr. Aine Sweeney has treated me for a variety of physical injuries, including lower back and knee problems.  I feel that her Directional Non-Force Chiropractic Technique has made a real difference to my overall health, as well as to specific injury recovery.  I would highly recommend her without reservation!

- Ramon A., Monterey