Dr.  Aine Sweeney is one of the most gifted chiropractors in her profession.  From her easy going nature to her amazing talent of helping ailing patients without the snap, crackle and popping.

- Zack R., Felton, CA

About DNFT

About DNFT

About DNFT or Directional Non-Force Technique.

DNFT works with the body to make needed corrections to provide long lasting relief. Its goal is to stimulate the body to correct itself, therefore fewer number of visits are needed. DNFT is safe and effective for people of all ages. I personally have treated people ranging in age from 4 days old to 99 years old! Using this technique we are able to make corrections without the twisting “cracking and popping” associated with traditional chiropractic.

DNFT is a system of diagnosis and treatment that consists of a gentle challenge or test which allows the body itself to indicate an irritation and the directions of misalignment of any structure in the body. When a body part is challenged and irritated there is a message sent to the brain that contracts the muscles on one side of the body so that one leg is 1/2 to 3/4 inch shorter (this is referred to as a physiological short leg). A specific thumb thrust in the direction needed is then administered which provides a long lasting correction to body structures.

DNFT is a gentle alternative to invasive and/or forceful manipulative therapies. There is no “popping” or “cracking” with DNFT adjustments. I use only DNFT in my office and prefer to have this style of treatment on myself!

X-rays are not required for this technique, I rely on the history you give me and the response of your body. However, there are certain situations when x-rays are benefical. If your case is suggestive of x-rays or other imaging, we will discuss it together. You taking an active role in your healing process, will significantly enhance your results. If you require additional therapies, i.e. physical therapy, therapeutic message, acupuncture, or lab work I will give you what I consider the best suggestions for your particular situation.


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