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Our office is open for chiropractic appointments, nutritional help, and curbside pickup for supplements.

If you or someone you know would like a gentle solution for pain,  discomfort, or a complaint that traditional medical routes haven’t been able to relieve—you have come to the right place.

“For over 25 years I have been working with patients to ease pain, enabling them to live full, enriching, joyous lives. Our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal and it is my job to facilitate that healing and help you live life fully.” —Dr. Aine Sweeney

Gentle enough for children, effective enough for mom and dad.

A Gentle Form of Chiropractic

The form of chiropractic care that I provide is called Directional Non-Force Technique© (D.N.F.T.©)  “Non-force” is what makes this method very different from other chiropractic treatments. It is gentle, calming and provides excellent results.

Diagnosing Your Unique Situation

Working together as a team, we’ll look beyond a specific symptom or symptoms. Questions that we’ll consider may include, What are you doing physically? What does the discomfort or pain feel like? How does the symptom respond in various circumstances?

Minimum Treatment 

Low back pain and neck pain can be reduced or eliminated with minimum treatment.  Many other symptoms and conditions are routinely treated successfully in my practice using this gentle chiropractic method.

Symptoms and Causes

Below are just some of the symptoms that have been presented by my patients. However, the “cause” of  what otherwise seems like a typical symptom, can vary greatly from patient to patient. For this reason,  I will work with you to determine the likely cause of your discomfort and devise a unique treatment plan for your recovery.

  • sciatica
  • plantar fascitis
  • pain radiatiating down the arm
  • knee problems
  • carpal tunnel
  • elbow problems / pain
  • shoulder problems / pain
  • breast feeding problems
  • TMJ and jaw difficulties
  • vertigo

 I started working with Dr. Sweeney for pain in my lower back and neck. Her work has been extremely effective, and I love how gentle her treatments are. My condition has much improved and I highly recommend her.
—Jeanette S., Santa Cruz

Your questions and suggestions are important and encouraged

The more communication between us the more I can assess and personalize the best strategy and treatment plan. It allows us to best benefit from an extensive pool of resources that are available to help you more quickly respond and feel better. Learn more about how nonforce  chiropractic is different. 

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Experience how gentle and successful
your chiropractic care can be.

Our office is located in the wellness offices on the corner of Hanover and Frederick Streets. (We’re the first office on the right when you enter from Hanover Street.) Download directions and map to Dr. Sweeney’s office. 

map to Dr. Aine Sweeney, nonforce chiropractic

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