Chiropractic services during
the COVID -19 Virus Pandemic

We ARE currently OPEN and here to serve you.

We understand your concerns and want to help you stay protected!
There are several ways we can help you:
  1. Adjustments. Call for an appointment.
  2. Nutritional suggestions with a phone consultation
  3. Supplements by mail and curbside pickup


Providing you with a a clean environment has always been part of our practice. This is even more important now. For that reason, we are implementing the following additional practices:

  • Limiting practitioners in the office. Only our office manager Mary Beth and I will be in the office during your visit.
  •  To limit interactions with others as much as possible. we ask that you wait outside or in your car if you arrive early or if the pateint before you has not yet left the office.
  • All surfaces in the exam room and bathroom will be cleaned before your appointment.
  • A special facial barrier with a plastic backing will be used to protect you during your exam.
  • An air diffuser will be providing an essential oil researched to kill viruses.

If you have other concerns or suggestions for the protection of yourself and of those we care about so dearly, please let us know.

Continuing with your adjustment is, of course, recommended as it is best to not let pain or other symptoms linger and cause additional problems and worsen existing issues.

Chiropractic and the immune system
We know the value of chiropractic care and adjustments  in boosting the immune system.   Records from the 1918 influenza epidemic indicate that the mortality rate for flu patients who received spinal manipulation was significantly lower than the general population. Current research studies have demonstrated that spinal manipulation increases certain important immune cells.

Additional services we continue to provide

If you need some help and prefer to not leave your home or come to the office, we can still help you.

Nutrition phone consultations

We can have you fill out a survey of your symptoms and recommend specific supplements to boost your immune system.  There are supplements known to help boost the immune system or even kill envelope viruses—which is what we are dealing with now.


Mailorder and curbside pickup.
If you just need supplements, we can have them mailed to you or have them ready for curbside pick up during our new office hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (by appointment).

Most importantly, remember that we are here to help you.

Stay well.

New Office Hours

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday by Appointment Only

Call us to schedule an appointment, get help with your nutrition, or to schedule curb-side pickup of supplements.

(831) 458-1218

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