Parkinson’s disease pain relief

I thought that Dr. Sweeney would be able to help my husband with his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, primarily the rigidity experienced in the muscles and the pain associated with it. With Dr. Sweeney’s innovative, intuitive approach, he is now experiencing some significant relief from several severe symptoms. Dr. Sweeney’s warm, gentle manner is very much appreciated by us and helps the healing process. An added bonus is Dr. Sweeney’s staff, Mary Beth and Rocio. Both of them are always welcoming and friendly. —Sas N., Aptos

Professionalism with a heart!

Dr. Sweeney notices everything relevant to her patient’s condition.  While listening completely to our own perceptions, she performs her healing adjustments with quiet and effortless confidence, leaving us balanced and with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’ve put our well-being in right and capable hands. —Janice N., San Jose

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Aine Sweeney with patient
Aine working with foot

Soft tissue injury relief

Dr. Sweeney is the first chiropractor to be able to consistently relieve my pain. My soft tissue condition prevents the use of traditional methods so I decided to try the Direct Non-force Technique. For the past three years, Dr. Sweeney has helped me stay active and pain-free. Her supportive office staff, her thoroughness, and the safe, nurturing atmosphere she creates has vastly improved my quality of life. —Judy O., Felton

Re-experiencing the world

I’m now free of chronic pain and grateful to re-experience the wonderful world outside of myself. Thank you, Dr. Sweeney! —Liz T.

A body-work connoisseur

Dr. Aine Sweeney does exceptional work! I’m a former bodyworker and have received weekly sessions of chiropractic, acupuncture and massage for over 35 years—so I’m a connoisseur. She’s both gentle and effective, a great combination. I know when I visit her, I’ll receive excellent treatment. —Meredith B., Santa Cruz

Gentle treatments, extremely effective

I started working with Dr. Sweeney for pain in my lower back and neck. Her work has been extremely effective, and I love how gentle her treatments are. My condition has much improved and I would highly recommend her to anyone with back and neck pain. —Jeanette S., Santa Cruz

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